2013 Viper 640 North American Championship

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AMENDED Notice of Race

Notice of Race, amended Sept. 10, 2013

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Dear Viper 640 Sailors,

Houston Yacht Club and its members are pleased to welcome you to our home on Galveston Bay as your hosts for the 2013 Viper 640 North American Championships.

Originally founded in 1897 in Downtown Houston, we are the oldest yacht club in Texas and have a long tradition of supporting boating and yachting in our area.

HYC has a proud history of being the home to many recognized sailors who have competed successfully in the biggest events in the world, including Olympic Medalists and America’s Cup and National and World Champions in many classes.

One of our core principles is to “encourage good sportsmanship and boating safety and to introduce youth to the sport of sailing and boating”.  Our youth program operates as the “Ragnots” and with the outstanding support of the membership has also developed a number of accomplished sailors and all around great kids.

HYC offers you a world class facility to conduct the Viper 640 North American Championship.  Coupled with an enthusiastic group of members we have ample parking and grounds, 3 hoists, two ramps a protected harbor with immediate access to your racing area, restaurant, bar and all the amenities to make your stay here pleasurable.  Please check with the staff or one of the members if you have any questions about the club.

We all look forward to making your stay enjoyable and providing a top notch sailing event worthy of a Viper 640 North American Championship – Texas Style.  If you have time, we suggest you consider joining us early to participate in one of the events leading up to the North Americans.  Our racing calendar can be viewed at www.houstonyachtclub.com.

Sail fast, sail fair and sail safely and, while you’re here, please always remember that “our casa es su casa”.

Bob Wright – Commodore

Nancy Edmonson – Vice Commodore

Robert Williams – Rear Commodore, #168 Apache

Viper 11